1. HTTYD OS - I looked at him… and I saw myself.


    “GET DOWN!”

    Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, the third, immediately dropped the sword he was sharpening and rushed toward the window of the forge. The villagers were all running to shelter behind whatever they could find; the more exposed ones gave up any chance of escape, hoping their shield would offer them enough protection. But the young Viking didn’t try to hide, and even looked out through the window, attentively listening to the whistling preceding the typical plasma blast of Night Furies. In fact, he had spotted it even before the first Viking had given the alert. It was the only noise he was always on the look-out for, because this noise meant he would have another chance to prove himself.

    Hiccup stared at the sky and waited. The whistling got louder. And the dragon struck.

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  2. lilsansfin:


    I know I should really try to participate. But it’s really hard sometimes.

    You see things. You keep quiet about them. You understand. And one day you will rise of your wall like the prettiest flower ever.

    Thank you. Both of you.


  3. lilsansfin:

    "While never being described as "out," Patrick is identified as a homosexual within his close circle of friends. Despite his sexuality, Patrick refuses to let this side of him define anymore of who he is than the rest of him does."

    I was just hanging on The Perks Of Being A Wallflower wikia and I found this about Patrick. Don’t let sexuality defines what you are or what others are.


  4. nat-amethyst:

    Hiii~~ Here’s a OS for the Hijack smut Week, the day 5 : Blind Au. It’s in french for now, the translation will be here in a few days (or a few weeks, it depends), great thanks to sydthesquyd who wanted to translate it :)

    Disclaimer : Hiccup and Jack belong to Dreamworks

    Rating :…. T+ or M. It’s not full of smut

    (I don’t how you do the “read more” so, I’m sorry, it’s long)

    Et au passage, coucou au possible Hijackeur/Hijackeuse français(e) ;)

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    I know there are french people around here. Go read this. This is beautiful.


  5. I know I should really try to participate. But it’s really hard sometimes.

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    Disney Character Oil Paintings - Created by Heather Theurer

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    DreamWorks. DREAMWORKS, NO.

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  11. Pen-tatoos I made on my friend’s leg and arm this summer.

  12. How to Train Your Dragon
    Rise of the Guardians


    Update: Jack Frost’s hexagon added

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    First film: I want a Dragon.

    Second film: I want a Hiccup.

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    5 years hasn’t changed much for the sheep..

    httyd sheep are the best.

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    Chris Golfer

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