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    "You have the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon" more like "You have the heart from your father and the soul from me"

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    1. HTTYD: Toothless is on a burning boat because of Stoick
    2. HTTYD 2: Stoick is on a burning boat because of Toothless

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    -I am french.
    -I will soon have my hair (or part of it) dyed in blue.
    -I know every word of HTTYD by heart.
    -I used to play violin.
    -I am a dragon.

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    i’m so sorry


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    : I’ll try as hard to be your dragon as Astrid tries to be Hiccup’s.

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    See more How to Train Your Dragon pick up lines [here].


  6. Okay people this is a serious question

    Why is this

    called a butterfly? Where is the butter? Where is the fly except maybe in the fact that it has wings and can fly?

    If anyone knows what happened to the english language at that moment please tell the world.

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  8. HTTYD 2 french glue sticks


  9. genderedboy:

    "Why do you want this job?"

    Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.

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  11. Come on everyone, let’s make Hiccup the most reblogged pic on tumblr






    Wow it looks like my post got some crazy notes overnight!

    what… the notes. ffuck

    I’m so proud fandom!

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  12. /!\ HTTYD 2 SPOILERS /!\

    Do you realize that wishing Stoick hadn’t died is like wishing Hiccup had died? Cause I do. And it hurts.


  13. lilsansfin:


    So does anyone remember the gay rhinos from the beginning of Ice Age? Nope, didnt think so. But there they are.

    I knew it! Someone else noticed it!!

    The Gaynoceros are back.

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