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  3. the big four + life-changing moments

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  4. Plot of HTTYD2 basically

    1. Hiccup: I don't want to be chief, I wanna stay rebellious and let my hair flow in the wind as I glide through the air, Toothless firing plasma blasts into the sunset.
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  5. theholyhijacker:

    Okay but I hit a night fury

    Okay this really gets me. Hiccup in the gif on the left is nervous but then gets this tiny smile on his face as he starts to tell his news, and then on the right he seems to realize “I shot down a Night Fury” and he gets shocked that he’s saying it and its the truth.
    Tiny little Hiccup is the first to knock down a Night Fury despite not really being ‘Viking’ enough to do it..

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    After all, he learned from the best…

    oh my gods

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    can we talk about this

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  10. lilsansfin:

    in some of these gifs it’s like hiccup has wings… He’s doing the thing he really likes and is talented in for the first and he HAS WINGS.

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    This needed to be giffed for very important reasons

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  12. Give me a black diary cover and a woodburner, and you’ll get this.


  13. Thank you, it’s nothing complicated, really, I drew this

    on a piece of paper, then I cut it out

    put it on the flask and made it hold with patafix (is that how you call that kind of gum used to fix posters and stuff on the wall?), drew its shape with a pencil, and then removed the paper thing to finally draw it with an indelible black pen. You can then remove the pencil with water when the ink is dry, if you used a good indelible pen it doesn’t leak.

    And you get this :)

  14. Today my mom got me this flask, and the first thing I thought when I saw its color was that a black dragon would be very cool on it.

    So I did this.


  15. Hiccup has tears in his eyes so many times in httyd 2…

    I want to hug him so hard.